r-daub-a-blog, October 15, 2007

Standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, it should be dusk by now. The sky is soaked with cimmerian clouds that are filtering all but just enough light to see the ground on which you are standing, but nothing more. It is raining something more than a drizzle, and you can hear the waves crashing far below. You don’t exactly know where you are on the planet, but the chilled air reveals that it is somewhere in the north. The silence behind you makes it clear that there is nothing here to indicate “civilization”. The ground is soft with thick grass growing in mud that until recently had been frozen. You think that the sudden thaw may be the reason you are here. It is like a dream you are on the cusp of remembering that you just can’t recall, and your mind is working hard against you to push it back into the realm of subconsciousness. Not long ago this place would not have been suitable for habitation, except maybe for native peoples who adapted to it long ago. But now, suddenly, the land has softened, and here you are. Though you can’t see it, you know this place is beautiful. It may be even more so in the daylight, but you will have to wait to see if morning exists here. ▪