Tales of an Unplanned Career in Journalism
(Introduction to Dateline: Far and Near, Collected Articles from an Unplanned Career in Journalism, 2016)
Does This Bus Stop at 125th Street?
(Harlem World, February 2010)
The River
(r-daub-a-blog, February 11, 2008)
Standing on a Cliff Overlooking the Sea
(r-daub-a-blog, October 15, 2007)
The 59th Street Bridge Essay (Feelin’ Not So Groovy)
(r-daub-a-blog, September 11, 2007)
Subway Series
(r-daub-a-blog, August 15, 2007)
Fourteen States in an Eastbound U-Haul
(r-daub-a-blog, July 8, 2007)
Tear Gas Really Works
(r-daub-a-blog, June 26, 2007)
Haiku Written in the Presence of Dead Writers
(r-daub-a-blog, June 10, 2007)
A Cold Morning in the Pool
(r-daub-a-blog, May 28, 2007)
A Moment of Sunlight
(r-daub-a-blog, February 25, 2007)
Abbey Road
(r-daub-a-blog, February 4, 2007)
Remote Signal
(r-daub-a-blog, November 11, 2006)
Loungin’ at the Lube
(r-daub-a-blog, June 21, 2006)
The Melancholy of Denny’s
(r-daub-a-blog, May 7, 2006)
Straphanger Homecoming
(The Subway Chronicles, November 2005)
The Taneytown Ten Dollar Taxi Tour
(RichardDaub.com, September 2005)
The Caveman Prophet
(Color Wheel, Summer/Autumn 2005)
Finding Emmitsburg
(Frederick Magazine, March 2005)